The best cars in 3 Lac Budget in Pakistan

Mehran, Khayber, Charade, FX

If you are looking for a good car in 3 lac budget then these 4 cars are your choices. Khyber, Mehran, Charade and FX car. I don’t like Mehran and FX cars. There are a few reasons, FX shape is not good for me. Maybe you like it. I traveled a few times in Mehran car and I was disappointed due to its comfort. 

My Story
My first car was khayber 91. How I chose this car and how I bought this one. It took little time to decide that I would buy khayber. If you want to buy any car in your budget, First select few cars that you would like to buy. Then you need to take a ride with these cars so you can take final decision to satisfy yourself.
So As I mentioned that first you need to short list few cars. I have short listed these four cars. Mehran and FX are out of this list now, So Khyber and Charade are the only car that I would like to buy. But this doesn't mean that Mehran can not be the option.

When I went out with my friends yo buy a Khyber car. Then my mechanic rejected the car. Its body was not in good condition. I was disappointed. I asked my friends to look at the OLX. We like one Mehran car. in this budget. So we trace that party in Sargodha and reached at their home. When we tried to start that car they don't have its key to open the car. they tried there best and find out the key after 30 minutes. Then they body condition was also not much good but it was better than Previous Khyber. Now its not starting party said it needs new battery. They tried to start the car with the help of another cars battery but failed. So we rejected this car as well. Then we saw few other cars as well and saw on what's app video call. After seeing 2 cars we found one car in Bhulwaal.

We decided to buy that so reached there after facing few difficulties of roads. We reached there mechanic checked the car and he passed. We started dealing with the owner for price finally we bought that in 175k.

It was in good condition. But there were few basic works required to run the car, like silencer etc. I spent lot of money on this car, almost 25k. I enjoyed its ride for one year and it was not bad.

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