How to Set Chrome Open Incognito Mode by Default

I tried to make chrome open in incognito mode by default but failed. What I was doing mistake, I will let you know. 

It was said that you will have to add ” -Incognito ” in the property of the chrome shortcut icon. So I added it but it was not allowing me to save so it was saying the path name is not correct. So I asked one of my friends, and he said that follow his video. I saw his video. He said that go to the property of the google chrome shortcut icon. Then go at the last of target text and add one space and then type this -incognito . Remember you will need to add one space at the last then you need to add this text. Then it will allow you to save. 

If you have any issue let me know in the comment box. Thanks for stopping by my blog. 

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