What is an ulcer?

Ulcer symptoms and treatment
What is an ulcer and how does it occur?
Ulcers in the gastrointestinal tract, in the intestines and in the stomach, then everyone calls it an ulcer in their own language. It is not a big deal to have an ulcer, but if it is not treated, it increases, so along with the disease, it is Treatment should be started
And treatment should not be delayed.

How does an ulcer develop?
We eat the same food everyday at home. The whole family eats and eats sitting together and no one gets this kind of pain.
Actually, this problem occurs when we leave home and go to a hotel, the food we eat has hot spices, hot pepper. Everything that a person should taste is in this food. put so that you eat more food temporarily. If you eat more food, in the cycle of overeating, you put a burden on the stomach. It will be that the stomach was digesting food easily. The stomach will stop digesting and the sharp spices which are being digested slowly will start to form ulcers. If there are wounds in the stomach, then these wounds go to the intestines, also in the stomach and also in the alimentary canal. So remember one thing that when your stool condition is changed, the wounds in your stomach will start bleeding and you won’t even know what the problem is. Is or how did it happen and your Hb will start to come down and if your Hb is coming down then 80% you will complain of ulcers. If you have stomach ulcers, acidity, If the food is not being digested, everything you eat causes irritation, so understand that you are headed that way.

Ulcer treatment

The first drug is:-
Calendula Q
This is the best medicine that you use in the morning, afternoon and evening 15 and 20 drops in hot water, you will see the grace of Allah that your stomach wound will be cured very soon.
Other medicines are:-
Argentum Nitricum
This is a medicine with the grace of Allah, when you take these two medicines together, you will be surprised that God will show you grace very soon.
If God is showing you grace, doing good, healing, pray for us and for yourself.

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