Tragic death of Actor Lee Sun-kyun and his Award–winning movie “Parasite”


Actor Lee Sun-kyun, a South Korean who gained worldwide recognition for his performance in the National Academy Award–winning movie “Parasite,” passed away on Wednesday, according to police, who verified the news 48 was his age.

Lee’s manager had reported Lee missing via their hotline, according to a statement released by Seoul police. On Wednesday morning, Lee was discovered in his vehicle. 


According to authorities, the cause of death is “presumed to be suicide.”


Bong Joon-ho’s “Parasite” stands as a cinematic masterpiece, weaving a tale of societal divides, dark humor, and unexpected twists. At the heart of this critically acclaimed film is the remarkable performance of Lee Sun-kyun as Park Dong-ik, the affluent patriarch of the Park family. In this article, we delve into the captivating narrative of “Parasite,” examining its exploration of class disparity and the consequences of deception, with a focus on Lee Sun-kyun’s portrayal.

Setting the Stage:

“Parasite” introduces us to the Kim family, struggling in the depths of poverty. The film skillfully paints the stark contrast between the Kims and the wealthy Park family, setting the stage for a narrative that explores the complexities of class distinction.

Infiltration and Deception:

The central plot unfolds as the Kim family strategically infiltrates the lives of the Parks. Ki-woo, played by Choi Woo-shik, secures a tutoring job for the Park’s daughter, initiating a chain of events that sees each member of the Kim family posing as unrelated skilled workers within the Park household. The layers of deception intensify, creating a gripping narrative that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

Lee Sun-kyun as Park Dong-ik:

At the core of the Park family is Lee Sun-kyun’s character, Park Dong-ik, an architect who unwittingly becomes entangled in the Kim family’s web of deceit. Lee Sun-kyun delivers a nuanced performance, capturing the essence of a wealthy patriarch oblivious to the undercurrents of deception surrounding him. His portrayal adds depth to the film’s exploration of the impact of social stratification on individuals.

Social Commentary:

“Parasite” serves as a powerful social commentary on class disparity and the struggles faced by those on the fringes of society. Bong Joon-ho skillfully uses dark humor and unexpected plot twists to shed light on the inherent inequalities that persist in modern society.

Recognition and Awards:

The success of “Parasite” is underscored by its numerous accolades, including the historic win of four Academy Awards in 2020, including Best Picture. Lee Sun-kyun’s contribution to the film’s success is evident in his compelling portrayal of Park Dong-ik.


“Parasite” is a cinematic triumph that transcends genres, offering a thought-provoking exploration of class disparity and deception. Lee Sun-kyun’s performance as Park Dong-ik contributes to the film’s undeniable impact, making it a landmark in international cinema. As audiences continue to reflect on the societal messages embedded in “Parasite,” it remains a testament to the power of storytelling and the ability of film to provoke meaningful conversations about the world we inhabit.

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