Prince Pearl 2020 Review after Using One Year

Prince Pearl Model 2020

Prince pearl is my second car. I have used this car for one year and used it in all conditions. Over all Its nice but not as good as compared to Japanese cars.

However I have used Toyota Vitz , Suzuki Khyber and Prince Pearl. All cars are good if you have at a car. Well I am not going to give lecture on the benifits of cars. You all guys know. Now I would like to point out few cons and  pros of this prince pearl Car Model 2020.


Cons of Prince Pearl

There are many cons of this car if you are having this car then you must have experienced it. 

  1. Look is not as good as it should be. From some angle its very boring especially from back and upper side. 
  2. AC is not as much good as it should be in hot summer season under the sun rays.
  3. Gair Box quality is not good. I have repaired it but still its annoying.
  4. Clutch plates are very weak. 
  5. Excel are also very bad in quality.
  6. Paint can be better. Its started distorting.
  7. Shocks are also stopped working. However you will feel bumpy ride on some clean roads as well.
  8. Speed is not outstanding. You will have to force a lot to reach 120.
  9. Electronic speedo metor tells wrong speed, almost 13 number extra which makes this car a china car.
  10. Small Tank of Petrol
  11. Petrol line is of rubber pipe. Not good in quality.
  12. Tires and body space is too much. It only helps when you are alone in car. Otherwise when 4 or 5 persons are sitting in this car it will go down as much as you can touch pakistani road breaker easily and can damage silencer Front Jale as soon as you touch it.

Pros of this Car

Let me say this of you have a budget of 10 lac to buy a used car then this is the best family car to have in 2022. It is because of its fuel average. There are many pros than the cons of this car.

  1. First I would say The front of this car is awesome. The chrome grill is cool and lights are very beautiful.
  2.  AC is good when hot sun rays not on the car. Otherwise it works fine. The side curtains can help for better performance.
  3.  Well there are some cons mention above which I have repaired from mechanic and now its smooth and 20 km per liter on long root.
  4. LCD performance is amazing.
  5. Auto Lock, Power Staring, Power Windows, adjustable mirrors from inside, Auto Child Lock, RadioFM, Bluetooth and many more features that makes this car stand out from other cars.
  6.  Alloy rims are very good.
  7.  Nice ride if shocks are ok.
  8. Starting is quick and you will not miss start anytime. 

Do you like Prince Pearl Car?
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I think I have written more cons and less pros but I am happy with this car.

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