NComputing Setup Step by Step Guide

NComputing Installation and Setup

I have been using NComputing from past 6 years. It is very easy to install NComputing Devices with System or Laptop or Server with Patch Cable.  If you know these steps. 

Step 1: Connect NComputing Device to Laptop or System that you want to use for NComputing device as a server. 

Step 2: Then you need to install the NComputing Software. There many version of these. Some has limited feature or you can say some can connect more than few devices. So what I am using is the version

Step 3: This is the most important step, You need to set the ip address to recognize System CPU server on NComputing device.
Manual IP Sceame
IP sceme can be main PC.

For NComputing Device

For automatic IP sceame you will have to give manual ip to your Main PC with which your all devices are connection with internet cables.

If you have any difficulties in installing NComputing you can comment in Comment box. It would be my pleasure to help you.

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