Hiking Traveling Tour to Pakistan

Are You Planning to Visit Pakistan?

If you are planning to visit Beatiful Pakistan and want to plan which places you should visit and when you should visit then you are at the right place I will guide you regarding hiking traveling and famous tourist spot of Pakistan, the paradise on earth. 

My Frist Track Details

My First Trip of Northern Area!

Well I have been visiting northern areas since 2016, and I have visited many famous tourist and beautiful places of Pakistan. Thank Allah, Who gave me life and gave me opportunity to visit his World. I wish I could see whole world and praise God each and every second of my life. 

I was going to narrate my first trip so you can also plan to visit these places in one trip of 10 days. We started traveling from near chiniot at night and through Sargodha, we reached at Rawalpindi at the next morning. There we booked a van for our group. Then we reached Mansahra and took breakfast. Mansahra was little surprised for me when I saw lot of Pathan people, but it is Pakistan. However it was my first trip that’s why I was surprised and little confused. But when I visited few shops, my fear went away and I enjoyed mansehra. It is good place srounding with mountains and beautifull wheather. We didn’t stay here long but I wish I should stay there for one day if whether is cool and explore more. 

So If you are planning to visit more charm of the world. Then You will have to start journy soon from mansehra. As we booked new van to reach Mahandri. This place is before Naran. 

My first Tracking strat from Mahandri!

My English writing must have many mistakes, so forgive me. There were guides and jeeps which can help you to reach starting point of hiking to Anso Lake. Anso Lake means, a lake shaped of an eye. Mahnoor Bangla is the name of the starting point, If I am not wrong, where we reached by foot with the help of a guide in almost 30 minutes. It was warm up hiking with sticks and backpacks. 

First night out of Home in the Forest!

It was the time of evening so we have to stay one night here. Sorry I forget to mention that it was a college hiking group of 10 students and one teacher. Having someone experienced and big mature person makes you feel comfort. 

  • First we installed the camps. then we put all our lugage into it. Then we explored this place. It is like forest and one Bangla A farm house. Which you can also get on rent. 
  • There is also one fountain alongside. So we visited and eat mangoes in the fountain and enjoyed a lot. 
  • Then we came back at our camps and started cooking rice for night meal. It is a quite chalenging task due to water change. 
  • So we spent whole first night after eating meal and drinking tea while enjoying with friends. 
  • You should must have good friend with you otherwise it might get boring.
  • We spent next whole day at this place. It is safe surrounding with nature and few native people live there and small shop is also there. 

Strating of Hiking From Manoor Bangla

I will confirm the name of this place and update if I am wrong. However it is near mahandri, we started packing our lugage in the early morning and started our first hicking. It was very enjoyable when we walked through the forest and scence were changing again and again and it is very pleasure able to remember those places. First trip and first hiking and awesome place. I will share many pictures don’t worry.

Frist Stop id Dair ka Maidan

Dair ka maidan is the first stop and you will have stay at night because you will reach there near evening and you can walk more than that to reach your destination of Naran. 

Did I mention Naran? Yes of course the end point of this hiking is Lake Saiful Muluk, and jeep will get back to Naran, a city of Beauty. Dhair ka maidan means a open ground. But it is very very beautifull place living at night there with family might be little risky. There is few camps near there of native peaple who are very kind and helps. We installed camps and Oxigen was less so most of us have headace and some got little fever. So you should must have panadol or some related medicines. We ate some sandwiches and then slept. Camps should be stonge with complete extra water proof sheets. Our camps were good and sleeping bag should also be there.

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