How to reach in German on Done Bases?

Reach in German on Done Bases in 35 to 40 days!

There are many agent in every country who claim that they can send you another country on done bases by spending a great amount of money. Some claims that they can send on donkey bases. Which is insane. Getting Pakistan to Europe countries visa is not difficult if you have 35 to 45 lac. 

Well today I would like to tell you that there are some agent who are doing this work with the help of rich or govt people. 

I contacted 3 agents on phone. One said rate is high but I will do this work 35 lac in 2 months. The other one said I would do this work in 40 lac in 2 to 3 weeks. Third one said, Rate is getting high 43 lac will be charged and work will be done in 4 to 6 weeks. 

If you have any experience let me know in comment box.

What is the work?

There are two types of work styles. Some do 100% Genion and some do illegal. 

A fake passport is ellegal and very dangerous and very difficult to get success. But there will be some agents who can do this illegal work with a legal style. I think those agents who take your passport and don’t call you at the embassy, would be fake and illegal work.

On the other hand, the second agent who has links with rich or govt officials, people, when they get the visa they can also apply for their sectary or employ for a business meeting. So It seems legal but I would say this is also a little bit illegal. 

What are their prices?

There is some person that says they can do this work in 35 Lac. And there is some agent that says they will do this work in 43 lac. 

I am not an agent but what I explore is that some people have links with rich people and when they apply for visas they also apply for their employees so they can get visas.

What is the legal process?

It has also two types, one manipulates your profile and applies for your visa, and will call you for an interview in the embassy. If you get success then you can go abroad.

On the other hand, you have a good family background and financial background so you can apply for a visa and hopefully, there will be no objection. 

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