Google Lens Make Image text Editable!


Wao, Google lens is amazing for me it has a lot of features and advantages in today’s world. It can make any image editable and searchable text. it can also make image text into the editable text of any language. English can be converted easily but Urdu was a hard job for software and online website. I used google lens to make images or pdf file text to make editable so I can copy that text into an MS Word file. I was wondering with almost 95 % accuracy.

Google lens is available in google photos, google camera, and google photos.

Search, Identify, and shop what you see. You can use your phone camera or image to search. There are few google apps that allow this feature. But you can do this work by google chrome as well. I have seen a video about it and used this method as well which is great.

You just need to find any image. Then right-click on it and click on Search Image with google lens. It will allow you to convert that image into a searchable, text copy, and translate option. which is great.

Here comes the magic. There is an open button on the top right side. Just click on it and then it will allow you to upload any image file that can have text flowers or anything. So I used the Urdu text image and it converted that whole page of text that I took from one of the pdf files and it was amazing editable copyable text. It can help you guys a lot. You can also translate that text into any other language.

You can also find out the name of a flower or a dog that is in your photo.

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