The Best iPhone 12 Cases and Accessories 2021

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iPhone 12 Cases and Covers

Awesome & Cheap Collection

Flower Power

I love these colorful polycarbonate cases from Cyrill, a product under Spigen. They are not very dense, and they are clear, so you can still show the color of the iPhone. Buttons are part of the case and always flow with flat edges. Also, you do not need long nails to reach the mute button. The edges are raised, and when the phone is thrown into a corner, Spigen’s Air Cushion technology takes effect. No one is pulling the trigger, but it is working with Apple’s MagSafe Charger. The MagSafe Wallet collapses easily, though.

I also love Cyrill leather veil and vegans, both of which have a soft lining inside to keep your iPhone from scratching.

A Sustainable Case

Made of over 85 percent recycled marine plastics. The edges are hard and round, so if you don’t like the flat texture on new iPhones, this will help. Buttons are very clickable. I like colorful accents, and the mute button is easily accessible. The back has a wavy pattern that looks great, and keeps Apple’s MagSafe Charger attached (but not the MagSafe Wallet).

The Thinnest Case Around​

If you despise the charges, but know you need them, try Totallee. It can hardly be expected that its charges will protect your phone from a six-foot drop – so thin, it sounds like nothing – but it will remove the marks every day. You can choose between matte or transparent; the first one is made of flexible plastic and is the thinnest type, and the last one is made of thermoplastic polyurethane, so it will fit a bit when it is lowered. There is no marking anywhere, which is a good change of pace.

The small size of the cases means that they work well with MagSafe Charger and Wallet.

A PopSocket Case​

For others, PopSocket is a must have for the smartphone. It makes it easy to hold when you use it with one hand (especially with large phones). You usually buy it and paste it on the back of your phone (or case) with a sticker, but this one is included with the OtterBox case itself! OtterBox has a variety of designs to choose from, and in case you get bored with the look, you can switch PopTop whenever you want. It will not work with any MagSafe accessories, but you can still charge the phone wirelessly. Charging speed is slow however, so be sure to remove PopTop for best results.

For Ultimate Protection

I hate big cases, especially those that need to be separated in order for the phone to be installed. But if you need the most protection, Defender Pro from OtterBox will do the trick. To use it, you need to remove the rubber slipcover, scrape off the polycarbonate shell, and lay two pieces on the top and bottom of your iPhone. Then close them, close the slip back, and you’re done (whew). If you often pull your iPhone out of its case, this will be painful. But it does protect the charging port and mute switch, and it’s so crowded I have a hard time seeing it fail to protect your device. Just know that there is no screen cover for this version, but the front lifts the lips, and you get a holster to cut your belt. This case also makes MagSafe completely useless (but wireless charging works!).

A Good Cheap Case

The case from Spigen is as simple as they come, but you get good protection for very little money. It is made of thermoplastic polyurethane, with a back texture that feels good to the touch. The buttons are clickable, have a small profile, and the bumper is tight. As well as the MagSafe Charger (free). It’s a great no-frills case that doesn’t break the bank.

A Wood Case

I love the wooden distortions wrapped in a machine made with great technology. This case from Oakywood feels more expensive than its questionable price. The real walnut wood is hand-stitched, smooth, and lovely to look at, and always wraps around the polycarbonate base for resistance (you can also find cherry wood). It’s too slim, the bumper is tight, and the buttons are still clicky.

The downsides? The front edges don’t have a lot of adhesive, so you probably won’t see much screen protection, and it doesn’t work with MagSafe accessories (wireless charging still works). The company says they selects their products from sustainable sources.

A Cork Case

I love this ancestral case from the Swedish company 15:21. It feels nice to the touch, it’s tangible so the iPhone has never slipped here and there, and it’s thin and light. Just know that the front edges are not raised, and this item is so easy to use that it will not protect your phone from scratches, daily scratches and scarves. Made from Portuguese ancestor, renewable and decaying. Also, trees do not hurt when the cork is harvested.

It works well with MagSafe wireless charger, and the MagSafe Wallet adheres to this case much better than most other claims it has to do with MagSafe.

A Glistening Case

Who doesn’t love the case with some extra utility? The back of this Sonix case shows up, so you can use it as a pocket mirror! It helps if you want to take a selfie with the rear cameras on the iPhone 12 – or see if there are any broccoli stuck to your teeth. Proper warning is a fingerprint, so you should wipe it often. The bumper is heavy, the edges are raised, and the plastic is made of an antiseptic agent to preserve certain types of germs. It also maintains a magnetic connection with Apple’s MagSafe Charger (not much about Wallet).

You should check out the full complement of Sonix iPhone cases. There are a lot of fun style styles, even those with light bumpers when it’s dark. Other styles are also available on Target.

For Leather Fans

I’m a fan of simple and light skin cases, so this one from Nomad is my tunnel. It has a polycarbonate body with a thermoplastic elastomer bumper slightly raised at the edges, and inside is fitted with microfiber to protect the back of your iPhone. The leather comes from a long-lasting leather jacket in Chicago (Horween) —they look and feel soft – and below are two spots where you can attach beef or wrist straps if you want.

On the downside, Apple’s charger MagSafe remains dependent on this case.

A Case With a Strap

No bag? No problem. Just put your iPhone on your wrist in the Moshi case of Altra. The wrist strap is available, but it is less likely that your iPhone will fly. I really like the way the texture of the background pattern sounds, the buttons are easy to press, and there is a thick bump around the frame. The front edges don’t have a lot of stickers, so don’t expect a screen protection tone, and it doesn’t work with MagSafe accessories (but it can still charge wirelessly). This case goes hand in hand with the Moscow SnapTo series if you want to access all of Moshi’s services. There is a SnapTo car mount and a wall mount.

For Shutterbugs

The iPhone 12 range has some great cameras to get on a smartphone, but you can take them a step further by connecting the lenses of an outside company. The second made my favorites, including a 58-mm telephoto zoom near the Fisheye 15-mm with a nice, ultrawide-angle effect. It takes seconds to paste, however you will need to use the Moment case. Moment has some great accessories too, like its CineBloom filter if you want a certain look to your videos.

A Magnetic Wireless Charger

Unlike traditional wireless chargers that require you to adjust the iPhone’s position to start charging, the MagSafe Charger attaches to the magnetic field and starts charging it quickly. Since the connection is accurate, it updates your iPhone faster than other wireless chargers. Currently, this is just one of MagSafe’s wireless chargers, and they are flawless. The cable connecting the adapter and outlet is very short, so while this allows you to use your phone as a charger, that is only true if you live near a property. Also, it does not come with a charging adapter, so you will want to take a 20-W adapter as Apple recommends (see below).

Another Wireless Charger

If you have an iPhone, you may have other products made by Apple, such as AirPods or Apple Watch. If so, consider a single billing plan. I love this one from Mophie. It looks great and charges my iPhone (up to 7.5 W in size) in any landscape or height, and I had no problem updating the AirPods Pro and Series 5 with it. The base has LEDs that show if your device is charging.

Belkin’s 3-in-1 wireless charger is another option to consider. Apple also has a MagSafe Duo Charger, but it’s weird and can charge the Apple Watch with just one device, but it has the same high price.

A Durable Cable

If you are using an Apple-torn cable to recharge your iPhone, it may be the time to upgrade. Apple’s embedded cable is fine, but I’ve seen too many tatters believe it will withstand long-term abuse. Nomad’s double-braided Kevlar Lightning to cable on the USB-C cable will do the job, and you get a built-in cable tie to keep things looking clean. It comes in two sizes, 1.5 or 3 meters, and has a five-year warranty.

If that’s too much, I’d like a USB-C strapped nylon on the Lighting cable. At $ 13, dirty is cheaper, but it will last longer than Apple cable.

A Charging Adapter

None of the new iPhone 12s come with a charging adapter in the box. Also, the cable that comes with it is USB-C to Electric – you may not have a USB-C power adapter lying around. Instead of buying an adapter from Apple, you should get a third-party gallium nitride (GaN) charger. It is an on-going and forthcoming technology that makes adapters pack a lot of power in a small size.

This 100-W GaN adapter from Aukey is much smaller than the one you will find on Apple, but it has enough power to recharge your MacBook. An additional USB-C port is also usable. If you do not need that much power, get an Anker’s 20-W charger ($ 29.99). About the same size as the 5-W charging adapter that used to come with iPhones, but it charges faster

A MagSafe Stand and Wallet

This little thing has so many uses! First of all, it is compatible with MagSafe, so it sticks behind the range of the iPhone 12 and Apple’s MagSafe Wallet. Second, you can keep a few cards in it – I would say two to three is the correct number. Third, it stands as a kickstand (in portrait or landscape orientation). Best of all, there is a separate magnet mounted that you can stick to anywhere (very strong adhesive), to hit your iPhone on it to watch it float. (I place it next to my bathroom mirror.) It is made of vegan leather and comes in four colors.

A MagSafe Case

Apple’s standard silicone case is much better. The bottom edge of the phone is fully covered, with small cutouts on the charging port and speakers, and everything feels amazingly soft. The microfiber inner layer ensures that the back of your phone gets no scratches. Additionally, the front edges are raised to provide some protection on the screen when it falls down. Buttons are easy to press too.

This is a MagSafe case, so there is a ring of magnets in the center that securely attaches to other MagSafe accessories, such as the Apple MagSafe Wireless Charger and Wallet.

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