‘Pawri horahi hai’ Dananeer Mobeen Power of Social Media

Dananeerr Mobeen says “Call me Geena but learn to pronounce my real name first!🌝 for paid collabs contact:@nafayalll

She is Social media influencer who has been so much famous due to his one speaking style of a word “Party”. Her video became viral after the remix video of Yashraj Mukhate. 

She says “We were returning back from our trip to Nathia Gali and we had stopped for food during our trip. There was music playing in the background and it was overall a fun vibe when I decided to take out my phone and film the moment,” Mobeen shared during her interview.

That’s it she is beautiful no doubt but there are so many people beautiful but they don’t go viral in such a short period of time. Well I would say this God gift to Dananeerr Mobeen, but in my point of view this is the chance for her to get benefit from it. She avail this offer and created a short video on the her recent remix video.

These are the three main videos and so many other videos created after this viral video. She is also very surprised to know that over the night she is gone too much famous. She has given interviewed on many channels and she says that she has no family issue over this video. Her family is broadminded and happy to know that she is gone famous.

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