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What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is Freelancing site where you can find jobs and sell jobs. If you want to hire someone to do a job for you or you want to sell your services online then this is the best and easy to use site for you. As you get familiar to it you are gonna love it.

In other words I would say Its like a shop and customer. It sounds same like this. A seller who wants to sell his/her services can share their gig. Gig is called a post of your service. So you can share 7 gigs at the starter level. As soon as you achieve Fiverr goals to reach level 1 then level 2 seller and lastly top rated seller, you are gonna get more advantages like sharing more gigs and more popularity etc.

Well this Alexa chart shows that this is not the best but its in the competition. Yes You can say that. But its unique idea that I mentioned above that its like a shop and customer. A person opens an account and share his/her services so he/she is talented and want to work online and don’t have skills how to get work online then this site is specially for those. 

I would like to say it again. It gives respect to both seller and buyer. Other sites like or they give respect to buyer and buyer will have to chose a person who will show him good portfolio and history that will get work or he will choose according to his choice. But my point is seller will have to struggle a lot to get a job. I would say this is also an art to get a job on these sites. So a new seller will have to face many difficulties and starve to death on these sites. 

Fiverr comes for those sellers who have skills and want to work. It gives respect to those buyer and seller. I will also talk about buyers respect in this blog. But now I am focusing on Seller respect. Seller shares his gigs and checks time to time on his mobile phone app of Fiverr. He just needs to turn on notification of Gmail and Fiverr to receive any buyer’s messages.

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