World's Best Laptop in 2022

Without laptop I am dead!
Duresameen Adeel
Focus Points


Minimum 11th Generation

You are going to buy world’s best laptop and you won’t compromise on generation. 11th generation is best and top in Laptop market. Top generation means you are buying up to date technology.



There is very importance of brand because they have a history of producing worlds best laptop in the market. No need to worry about it because there are few famous brands that you are looking for. DELL, HP, MAC, ACCER, ASUS.


Is it Everything

Performance is everything to me. However style, look and outlook also matters a lot but you know if someone is giving you the best performance then it would also focus on outlook and other features as well.

Why Us

Our Procedure of Choosing!

We Research, Buy and Use

1. We Research

First of all thank you so much that you stopped by my blog. I would like to make sure that you would like our collection. First we do research online on different top sites. Then we short list top best laptops to research. So in this research I visited 1., 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. and so on.

So I hope these people don’t lie. As you know there is a great competition in the market so we short list using the effort of these sites.

Results-Oriented Solutions

2. We Buy

We study, research and use product physically, Currently I am using DELL XPS 13 9310 11th Generation. Which is awesome and giving me everything that I need. However that cannot say that its world’s best laptop but I can say for sure that it should be in the top list of worlds top and best laptops. You cannot imagine that when I got this laptop almost everybody asked me about this in my office due to its awesome look and slimness. 

From Art to Science

3. We Use

I used many laptops in my life, but deciding which one are the best laptops in the world is really a tough job. So we need to use each and every laptop to find out pros and cons of these world’s best laptops. As I mentioned that I bought DELL XPS 13 9310 11th generation 32gb ram, 1tb hard, iris graphics with 4k resolution. Isn’t it amazing. 4k resolution is given in all top products but everybody don’t need this. I do need these for different tasks as I am video editor. It also helps you to record your screen and take screenshot in a very good high quality.

Few Top Laptops

Latest and Best Laptops

Final Step

Let's Choose World's Best 3 Laptops

Here you are!

World's Best Laptop No 1

DELL XPS 13 9310

I love this machine but this does not mean its perfect. Yes there are some cons and many pros. As nobody is perfect in life so is the case with these laptops. I would must say you are going to love this Dell XPS 13 9310 Intel Core i7-1185G7 processor with Iris Xe integrated graphics, 3.0GHz (4.8GHz turbo), plus 32GB of RAM and a 1TB NVMe SSD. Let’s see it’s few pros and cons.


  1. Best performance business class, can be used for video editing, great rendering speed, as I have tested it on Adobe Premier Pro. It has soundless fan installed into it. Very hard to hear it.
  2. Super slim and stylish, like A4 size slim file.
  3. Beautiful look and attractive, Everybody will must ask about it.
  4. 4k resolution, which you don’t find in all laptops. 
  5. Great battery time. 11 hours tested on normal work. It also depends on type of work you do. Normally on mix work it would last 8 hours. 
  6. Very Light Weight 2.8 lbs. 
  7. Dell XPS 13 ultraportable  2 in 1 with a high-resolution OLED touch screen. It’s irresistible once you lay eyes on it. I spend lots of time on it never get tired. 
  8. Can be bought in top specs. Like Intel 1185G7 processor (I am using 1165 g7), 32GB ram, 1tb hard, (In some models 2tb hard)
  9. Sound system Audio is above average.
  10. Micro SD card slot.


  1. Small rubber grip on the back bottom edges of screen can be breakable so you don’t like your laptop with any damage. As mine have been damaged.
  2. Keyboard sound is annoying to me. I have used many laptops but its keyboard sound is really annoying especially at the night time. 
  3. Ports are limited to two thunderbolt 4. There should be at least one 3.0 USB port as HP Specter x360 does have.
  4. It’ not a cheap.

World's Best Laptop No 2


I love mac operating system but I do love windows operating system more than mac. This is also the one of the main reason to put mac book air M1 2020 model on number 2. However top calss, outstanding performance. You cannot find everything in every top laptop. Lets see its few advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Out calss performance with latest M1 based mac book. This is the first reason to make bring macbook air m1 on the top.
  2. Slim and stylish brand Logo.
  3. Mac based applications are faster than windows based, that’s why its on number 2.
  4. Amazing battery time. At least 10 hours.
  5. Light Weight 2.84 lbs. Almost same like Dell XPS 13
  6. Sound system is good.


  1. Aweful webcam noticed.
  2. No Touch screen support.
  3. Ports are limited to two thunderbolt 4.

World's Best Laptop No 3


I am huge fan of HP laptops as well. There stuff , performance, and batery timming awesome. So I would like to presnt to you HP specttre X360 on number 3.


  1. Best performance in anyway.
  2. Slim with 2 edges on the bottom side of the screen.
  3. Excellent battery time. Average use 10 hours.
  4. Light Weight 3.33 lbs.
  5. Beautiful design that you would love.
  6. 2 in 1 touch screen.
  7. 2 thunderbolt type c and one 3.0 USB port
  8. Micro SD card slot.


  1. Touchpad is noticed a little bit stiff
  2. Its not cheap.
Our Pick

Top 3 World's Best Laptop in 2022

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